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same as my lowest setting, with no O/Cing at all, but I want the fans to run. What specific card do you have? I will make ofc more tests with this hardware so stay tuned. If you're not sure, then Afterburner should tell you, but you also tell with GPU-Z. The default is 4 modes, but I added a 5th and you can change it whenever you want. It still did it, even when not O/Cing, but for that problem, what I had to do was input a custom fan curve. Just click on the sensor tab and it will tell you what your current speeds, temps, fan RPM etc. Watch Dogs 2 Graphics And Performance Guide.

There is a problem with the newest Nvidia Drivers 378.49. At least in my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming 8G card, it kept the card running constantly. Watch Dogs 2 Graphics And Performance Guide. P8Z68-V LX/Intel Core [email protected]/Corsair Vengeance 24Gb 1600Mhz/MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming X/Crucial MX200 256Gb. Watch Dogs 2 ultra In Depth Benchmark and Gameplay using MSI afterburner GTX 1070, i5 4690 16gb Ram Benchmark Latest nVidia driver latest., WatchDogs 2 gameplay gtx 1070 maxed out/AA off).

Quot;, i think I have the same problem.  I  would d/l GPU-Z anyway.  I'd start making the fans spin up at 45c, or maybe even as low as 40c. Youtubeevvnxwuf_yU/youtubezQPy11AhVHQ/youtube49l7pohar34/youtubeTvcJyoTohHI/youtubezvPm1CNUskQ/youtube. ( 40-60 FPS ) RivaTuner on-Screen My PC: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231v3.4GHZ (Turbo.8) CPU Fan: Arctic. My card is idling 60c for no obvious reason (CPU and CM are around 35c). Also, are your temps at those degrees at idle or under load? Thanks for your head up, Pierre, is your card running at base speeds when in idle mode?

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If it's running in the core is running in the 1500MHz range or higher and memory at 2002 or might say 4006 MHz being DDR5 and all, then it's not at idle. That is, in idle, the core should be somewhere around 164 MHz and memory 405 MHz. I went through several drivers and had the problem you're having, but when under load. I wish Afterburner had individual fan profile curves for each profile, but it doesn't. All maxed out except txaa. (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong). The auto fan will run without Afterburner running, but then you're back at the fans not spinning up until 60c, which for me, the card gets too hot and if I'm playing any newer game from swtor to BF1, it will sometimes crash. OC: Windows 7 Nvidia Driver: 376.09(11/28/2016) 1920x1080.

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