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Edit Main article: Gaia Chronicle Eidolon Archive tv pro gutschein Edit Main article: Eidolon Archive Wallpapers Edit Main article: Aura Kingdom Wiki:Wallpaper See more discussions. In order to unlock them, the Envoy needs to feed them crests until the max limit for each star are met. Eidolons can be summoned through the call of aid and will fight alongside the Envoy in the battlefield. Interface, edit, the Eidolon system can be activated with H and. Remember that these Feeding items are to level your current or selected Eidolon. Edit, in the Eidolon area, you can view the accquired Eidolons, Eidolon points, formate your Eidolon party etc.

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Linking Edit Click on H and select your desired Eidolon for linking. List of Eidolons, edit, some misleading translations on the unreleased Eidolons exist. Eidolons are an incredibly diverse bunch, each one carrying his/her own unique story, personality, and awe-inspiring powers. On the left-top corner, stars are displayed. You will know if your Eidolon evolved by looking at the area with a One star to Two stars. There are many other Eidolons to be added as some of them are being released in the Taiwanese version. Eidolons of any level can be recruited to the party, with restrictions. These stars grants bonus stats for both the Eidolon and the Envoy.

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