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the accounting rules for expense reports is stored. The threat of "chemical warfare" and "chemical weapons" had been discussed in the press, but their actual use by Germany in 1915, first in Poland and then in Belgium, raised the war's"ent of barbarism. These social computing services include wikis, blogs, online awareness and communications, content collaboration and social networks. Additionally, a dedicated Events page is available to every Space where the moderator has enabled the Events service. This service supports two types of blogs: personal blogs for individual users, and community blogs that enable members to share their views on a particular topic. To name what lay between the entrenched armies, modern English enlisted a phrase from the Middle Ages: "no-man's land." The shell-pocked muck between the opposing trenches, bounded by rotting sandbags and rusted heaps of barbed wire, gave the 14th-century meaning of "unowned or uninhabited territory". A Wisconsin newspaper claimed in 1918 that the Germans thought American Marines fought like Teufelhunden, or "devil dogs the supposedly German word sounds ersatz, but the English version is still heard in the Corps. The Pagelet Producer is a mashup engine that provides a light proxy and security management system that facilitates users adding portlets as UI widgets or gadgets to any page or site and on any platform, integrating external content into any portal, and enabling mashups from.

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Older terms and nicknames sometimes gained new popularity that guaranteed they'd remain in English long after soldiers returned home. Military of World War. Trench warfare became a sinister science, as front-line troops of every army hunkered down for hundreds of miles in conditions of appalling filth and danger.

Since tags are directly integrated with Searching, users can immediately find what they need using personally relevant search terms. The Presence service also is available as a tag that can be added to any page to quickly "activate" any username on the screen. Documents: Enables users to display and manage their documents and files in a content repository. It provides a quick way of publishing internal information out and consuming external information from many sources to get an aggregated view of what is occurring around the task, process, or activity that is being tracked. The Document Library service leverages JCR and third-party adapters to connect to different backend repositories. All changes and versions are tracked.